Larger Console Radios

Several audio demos are provided below. The last ones on each list demonstrate Radio Dramas of about 5 minutes duration.



Zenith 12-H-670 (Newport)


This handsome1942 twelve tube Zenith was also known as the “Newport”. It has a 14 inch speaker which gives big and clear sound. It has a built in patented Zenith Wavemagnet antenna. Special features on this radio are the large black dial and push button tuning. Dimensions are 41” high, 29” wide and 15” deep.


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Zenith 11-S-474

The large body style of this 11 tube Zenith console from 1940 has a very demanding presence. It has a rounded motif from top to bottom, including the rolled and pleated speaker cloth and the dial cover. There are some great bells and whistles, including a magic green tuning eye and “tone organ” pushbuttons that use 6 different tones selectors (tenor, bass, etc.) this allows the user to tailor the tone to personal preference. A Wavemagnet antenna, and a big 12 in speaker add to the great sound. Dimensions are 43” tall, 29” wide and 16"deep weight 80lb.

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Zenith 11S474 AM demo on YouTube
Zenith 11S474 SW demo on YouTube


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