Larger Console Radios

Several audio demos are provided below. The last ones on each list demonstrate Radio Dramas of about 5 minutes duration.


Zenith 5-S-327
  • Manufactured in 1939

  • Small tombstone radio

  • Standard broadcast (AM) and shortwave bands

  • All restored to original condition, re-capped

  • Cabinet completely restored

  • External auxilary input jack (1/8") on back

  • Can use CD, MP3 player, or chromecast, remote audio player using your cell phone (requires a wi-fi connection

  • Dimentions 11.5 x 15.9 x 7.6 inch.

  • Weight 15 lb.


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Zenith 5S327 AM demo on YouTube
Zenith 5S327 SW demo on YouTube
Zenith 5S327 chromecast demo on YouTube