Smaller Console Radios

There are several audio demos, the last ones on each list demonstrate Radio Dramas of about 5 minutes duration.



Zenith 6-S-152 

An attractive 6 tube deco console with a waterfall front. The burled walnut veneer flows continuously from the top to the front, and set off with dark accent trim. It has a weighted flywheel tuning knob for that distinctive quality feel that Zenith has. The popular “squared circle” design with large black dial was one of Zenith's most imitated features. Manufactured in 1937, it has AM and shortwave bands. Its dimensions are 40” high, 24” wide and 12” deep.

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Atwater Kent 286


A lovely petite console radio with great deco detail. On the front it has intricate inlay that sets off beautifully book-ended veneers in several different woods. The sound is just wonderful from its 6 tubes and a large 12" speaker. Manufactured in 1935. Dimensions are 37” high, 22” wide and 11” deep.

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