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Radio Repair Rates

Labor costs

First I put your radio into our repair queue. I finish all radios before you in line then when it's your turn, I see if your radio is able to be restored; some radios are not. I will call and verify any repairs not talked about when the radio was dropped off for repair.


In a re-cap job (restoring a radio) I will replace all capacitors and bad components. They need replaced because capacitors were made of layers of wax paper and foil covered with wax. An estimate is the tube count times my $50 rate. This is an approximation of the labor cost to restore a radio; parts are in addition, and any additional problems I encounter at the $50 per hour rate.


Below is a before and after picture of a re-caped radio. You are looking at the underside of the radio chassis. These wax/paper capacitors tend to age and short out with time. I replace the paper/wax capacitors and electrolytic capacitors in the radio. This protects the radio from damage and makes it safe and dependable, which gives the radio years of use.

The labor cost to recap a radio:

5 tube radio = 5x50 = $250

6 tube radio = 6x50 = $300

7 tube radio = 7x50 = $350


Parts are in addition to the labor cost.


Additional troubleshooting and repairs are $50 per hour.

Before repair                                                               After capacitors have been replaced, (little yellow parts)


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