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Radio Drama Hour

More info on Radio Dramas:

The link below discuses a list of the 10 most popular radio dramas:  Top ten radio dramas

There are literally thousands of different free radio dramas available. The tablet that is part of the lease package includes an easy way to select radio plays from many different apps. It's called BeanPod and wraps various apps into one place with a picture Icon to select the genre and many radio plays to select from on each app. It is easy and intuitive to use.


Tablet page 1

Beanpod is an app that organizes your music and radio drama apps. Each of the pictures opens to pages of radio dramas.

Tablet page 2

This is page two of the radio drama apps I've downloaded and put into Beanpod.


Google produces chromecast audio as a high fidelity audio device you can stream audio to from your WiFi connection. To operate it must be connected to WiFi.

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