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Radios in Inventory

Our radios in inventory are not finished. You can look around and choose one you like  then we will complete it for you, including chassis and cabinet restoration. Our rate is $50 per hour so this would apply to these radios with a small fee for the radio itself since we bought them for $100 each on average. The recap job costs $50 x the number of tubes in the radio. The cost of cabinet restoration is around the same.  


They are re-capped, all electronic components are repaired to good condition (tubes and components are tested and replaced if bad). The radios are tuned and have an external input jack (1/8") installed on the back if you want. So they can play music via cell phone, tablet or iPhone apps, CDs and MP3 devices.


If you have wireless Wi-fi in your home there are great devices such as Google Chromecast audio, or Amazon dot with Alexa voice control. Chromecast uses your cell phone as a remote controller to select music, podcast or radio drama apps. Use the audio input jack on the back of your radio. It bypasses the static noise in the radio stages, and really makes the radio sound good. You can play any music,  there is an app called Radio Garden that displays a globe on your phone, you can select from thousands of FM stations from around the world. There are lot of other apps that play music, podcasts or radio dramas. The chromecast is only $35 bought from retailers such as Target, or Best Buy, etc.

Google chromecast


The SERVICES/Restoration page describes and shows what is involved with recapping and electronic restoration of one of our radios.


See the Contact page if you have any questions.

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