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Customer Testimonials

This is one of our radios that went to Dubai, UAE His email reads:



We just purchased a beautiful radio from Glenn at Anderson Classic Radios. This is probably the first time such a huge piece of sheer joy was shipped to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The radio arrived in perfect condition. it is placed in our office and is a piece of conversation.

I suppose this has paved for others to ship them overseas.

I am planning to add a few more to my collection.

Glenn, thank you so much for taking the trouble to pack it and getting it shipped.


Best Regards,

Your friend Ashok Sardana

This email is from a customer who asked if he could send me a testimonial. I told him I had never had anyone ask that before.


Chuck Little,

Thanks so much for all of the tender loving care you and Jan put into my now lovely Philco 42-350. After purchasing it from a less than scrupulous seller I was understandably a bit worried about entrusting someone I didn’t really know with the task of getting it into good working order. Well, what a waste of worry. Your judgement relative to the work to be done as well as your work itself was outstanding.

Thank you so much for putting in far more than the minimum care needed to fulfill your commitment.The two of you did several things that were needed, but not really mentioned, like restringing the tuning system and removing an inappropriate cabinet finish and replacing it with a more traditional one. It’s obvious that you both care about vintage radios and I am a sincerely grateful beneficiary.

I hope others in this region, west of Seattle, take advantage of your services as well. They will not be disappointed!

Best regards

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