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RCA Victor 66X13


  • Manufactured in 1947

  • Broadcast band only AM

  • Nice table top style

  • AC/DC set

  • External auxillary music plug installed (1/8")

  • Cabinet stripped and refinish

Radio museum link


Philco 41-245
  • Manufactured in 1941

  • Standard broadcast AM and shortwave bands

  • Red indicator on the dial indicates which band is selected

  • External auxillary music plug installed (1/8"); will work with mp3 players, cell phone, CD and chromecast using your cell phone for a remote controller

  • Dimentions 10.5"x12"x9.25"

  • Weight  15 lb.


     Radio Museum Info



Zenith 9S344 chair-side radio
  • This is a chair side radio made to sit by your chair like an end table; the controls are on the top

  • There is a small built in bookcase

  • Manufactured in 1939

  • Somewhat uncommon radio, only 1000 to 6000 made

  • Shutter dial, changes dial face with band selection

  • Standard broadcast (AM) and shortwave bands

  • Magic eye tuner tube

  • Beautiful walnut cabinet with distinctive deco design

  • Stained and lacquered

  • Dimensions (WHD) 29.1 x 21.5 x 16.5 inch

  • Weight 61 pounds

Zenith 9S344 Radio Museum info


Zenith 12S266

This beautiful, 12 tube radio was manufactured in Chicago, IL in 1937. Turning the band switch changes the dial face like a shutter camera. This was called a shutter dial. It also has a knob in the center of the tuning dial that engages a motor to turn the dial pointer. It has a green magic eye tuning tube at the top of the large black dial face that narrows when a station is tuned in. The 12 inch speaker with 15 watts output has an acoustic adapter to reinforce the bass response. It is a very ornate, stylish, retro looking radio with beautiful burl book-ended panels. The grill cloth was a very "modern" look in 1937!


Radio Museum Info
Zenith 12S266 radio demo
Zenith 12S266 chromecast music demo
Zenith 12S266 Radio Drama
Zenith 12S266 Radio Drama


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