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For questions about our radios, or if you want to buy one,go to the Contact page in the menu above and e-mail me.


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Grundig 970-EES
  • Manufactured around 1957

  • Bakelite tabletop

  • Broadcast bands AM-FM, and shortwave

  • Cabinet cleaned and polished

  • Dimentions 20.5 x 13 x 8.3 in.

  • Weight 18 lb.


     Radio Museum Info


Grundig 970-EES FM demo on YouTube


Zenith 10-S-464


  • Ten tube Zenith manufactured in 1941

  • Broadcast, medium and short wave bands

  • Original faux finish repaired and retained

  • Cabinet stripped and refinished

  • Lacquer and wax finish

  • Original escutcheon and knob

  • Speaker cloth replaced


     Radio Museum Info


Westinghouse WR-5 Highboy



  • Manufactured in 1930

  • Broadcast band

  • Superheterodyne

  • Two-piece chassis

  • Ornately carved highboy style

  • Completely repaired and refinished cabinet

  • Two original knobs and one reproduction

  • At 116 lb. plus packing weight, this radio is too heavy to ship. So local pickup is required.


     Radio Museum Info




Westone 40
  • Manufactured 1934

  • Standard broadcast (AM) only

  • External audio input, 1/8" jack on back installed

  • Original wood knobs

  • Lacquer and wax finish

  • Dimensions (WHD) 14 x 9 x 7 inches

  • Weight 12 pounds


     Westone 40  Radio Museum Info


Firestone Air Chief S-7398-8
  • Manufactured 1942

  • Standard broadcast (AM) and SW 6-18MHz

  • Internal antenna

  • External audio input, 1/8" jack on back installed

  • Lacquer and wax finish


    Air Chief S-7398-8  Radio Museum Info

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