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For questions about our radios, or if you want to buy one,

go to the Contact page in the menu above and e-mail me.

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Zenith 5S29 Tombstone
  • Manufactured in 1936

  • Standard broadcast (AM) and shortwave

  • Beautiful mahogany colored cabinet with burl bands

  • Stained, lacquered and waxed

  • External music plug installed; will work with adapter sold separately for $75.

  • Dimensions (WHD) 8.9 x 18 x 8.9 inches

  • Weight 20 pounds

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Zenith 5S29 AM demo on YouTube.
Zenith 5S29  iPod demo on YouTube.


Zenith 7-S-633
  • Manufactured in 1942

  • Standard broadcast AM and shortwave band

  • Reworked band switch for shortwave band

  • External music plug installed; will work with adapter included (normally $75)

  • Puts out room filling sound

  • Cabinet stripped and refinished

  • New repo volume knob

  • Dimentions 20"x12"x10.5"

  • Weight  20 lb.


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Zenith 6-D-525
  • Manufactured in 1941

  • Nicknamed the "Toaster"

  • Standard broadcast (AM)

  • Origianl knobs

  • Ingraham cabinet.lacquer and wax finish

  • Original speaker cloth


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Monarch Mini Tombstone
  • Manufactured in 1936 ?

  • Model number not known

  • Standard broadcast (AM) and shortwave band

  • Cabinet completely refinished

  • Original knobs and speaker cloth



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